This Year 1 lesson on historical interpretations starts with a stark comparison of 2 images of the rescue showing very different detail.  Pairs of pupils are then given 1 of 5 other picture versions which they have to turn into a mime to highlight the differences to the rest of the class.  So which is true?  The children look at commemorative mugs etc showing Grace on her own and work out from four options that it makes her seem braver if on her own.  Lastly pupils have to select an image that shows Grace as being most brave.

Learning objectives

  • Children understand that not all versions of the rescue are the same;
  • they can explain how versions differ;
  • they can offer tentative reasons as why the versions are not the same and give reasons why certain images are chosen for museums etc.


Children are shown slide 2 from the PowerPoint presentation.  How do the images of the rescue differ. Clearly Grace is shown on her own in one image, holding 2 oars and with her father, holding just one oar in the other.  Explain that we are going to find out which of these was right.

Step 1


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