Grace Darling – KQ2 – Why did Grace Darling act in the way she did?

An active lesson in which pupils generate adjectives and then use a Diamond-4 ranking activity, followed by hot seating, to ascertain Grace’s motivation.   A broader context is achieved by asking pupils to analyse the possible reasons why Grace was seen as particularly famous at the time.   Which do the pupils think were important, not so important or downright made up?!

Step 1

Start by asking the children if they can think of any words that might describe how Grace behaved. They might come up with: brave, kind.  Try to extend this to thinking about heroic, fearless, courageous etc. Use the animated slide 2 of the PowerPoint to ask children to think of which adjectives apply to Grace as they appear.  Will any children think she was stupid?

Step 2

Stress the dangers she and her father faced, using slide 3 to help children to focus their thinking.  Bring out the idea of the boat crashing into the rocks, being too much of a strain to battle against the elements to get to the men, the difficulty of rowing back when the weather is still awful with so many extra heavy people aboard.

Step 3

Then ask them to consider the

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