Grace Darling – KQ5 – How did sea rescue improve as a result of Grace Darling’s story?

This session comprises 2 principal activities: matching descriptions of lifeboats to time periods to deepen pupils’ sense of change, continuity and chronology; sequencing and then selecting images for a Museum about most significant changes to sea rescue since Grace Darling’s time.

Step 1

Ask children to think in pairs about the similarities and differences between lifeboats in Grace’s time and those that children may have seen today, for just a minute, after which time you project slide 2 which might give some extra ideas as well as acting as a visual focus for those who need it.

Step 2

To bring the differences into sharper focus attempt the activity using RS1 which invites pupils to match the statements to the time period. You’ll need to cut up the statements and the headings.  For the higher attaining pupils there is scope for them to refine their thinking about the past by sorting the statements into three rather than just two time categories.  So, in addition to ‘then’ (roughly 200 years ago) and ‘today’, they add (again, roughly) ‘60 years ago’.  This allows pupils to consider not only a wider range of improvements in sea rescue but also to think about the

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