Pupils are employed as safety advisers to the UK and US governments in the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic?  Their job is to come up with the best, and most cost-effective measures to make sure no disaster such as this ever happens again?  Pupils exhaust the ideas they can think of themselves, working in pairs, before being given a stimulus containing four ideas.  They then work with another pair on a prioritising diamond 9 activity before writing a brief report to the US and UK governments outlining the six measures they need to take to improve safety at sea, and in which order.

Step 1

This final session starts with pupils working in pairs to generate three things they think would stop a disaster such as the sinking of the Titanic happening in future.  It is always important to make use of pupils’ early ideas to avoid trying to teach them what they already know, and to take pupils from where they are.  If pupils’ ideas are slow in coming, use the images on slide 2 to stimulate their thinking.  They show an iceberg patrol, improved covered lifeboats, an evacuation shute and red distress alert flares.

Step 2

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