This simple activity asks students to think who would be the most likely person to make this statement at the Paris peace conference that led to the Treaty of Versailles.  What makes this more fun is that students work in teams of 4.  They have to collaborate to work out the answers to who would have made each statement but the answers are then taken away from them. Enter the quiz element.  You put all the statements into a hat each with a blob of ‘blu-tak’ on the back.  One student from each team will be chosen at random to come to the front of the room and place the quotations under the correct country/leader. This means that teams must coach every member to prevent the abler students taking over.  Allow 5 minutes for this preparation.

Now the quiz starts.  One randomly chosen member from the first team comes from the front.  They have just one minute against the clock (have the countdown clock running to add to the tension).  They literally stick the statement to the images which you have pinned to the wall next to where the activity takes place and come back for the next one.  Each

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