Teaching Myself – Muddled Bags

As you would expect, it is far better to start with the children themselves and images of them growing up, before moving on to look at two or more generations, which fits more naturally into Year 2. With Myself the focus must be not only on sequencing stages of development and talking about things that have happened in the past but also answering the question ‘How do I know?’ Fun activities such as Mum’s car boot or character bags help children to grasp the idea of evidence. For example, children can say “I know who in the family this object belongs to because..

Muddled Bags

This lesson introduces very young children to the idea of evidence in a really engaging and problem-solving way that links closely to their own experience. This fun activity encourages children studying an ourselves topic to think about other members of families.

Learning objectives

  • children can match simple everyday objects to family members who would use them
  • children can predict who might use or own a particular item
  • they can cooperate in trying to solve a mystery

Step 1

You set up the scenario. You were driving to school and you had in your boot: your

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