Caxton and Bell – KQ6 – How has the telephone improved since the days of Bell?

This session really helps pupils to get a strong sense of change through time, linking the past of Bell’s time to the present bringing things right up to date. It even hints at the changes ahead as phones have recently started to get bigger, having decreased in size over the last 140 years!

Step 1

Pupils, working in groups of 6, are given an envelope with the 6 cut-up images of telephones (just the pictures, not the dates: leave them in the envelope) provided on the PowerPoint slides 2 and 3. They each take a picture and then have to work out who has the earliest and who has the most up-to-date. They then, within their group of 6, all stand in a line in the order in which the phones were invented. This allows them to collaborate, share knowledge, and works things out collaboratively. There will be some cross-teaching as the higher-attainers help the others. As they organise themselves, you are naturally free to support those who need help, to challenge and to reassure.

Step 2

Now, returning to their seats , ask pupils in the same group take out the dates from the same envelope cut up from

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