This lesson is about the consequences of the Black Death.  After an initial stimulus image, pupils are presented with a series of 10 predictions they have to make about the effects of the Black Death (on prices, wages, religious beliefs, role of women, relationship of lord of the manor to tenant etc).  Pupils are offered 4 possible choices but they are not told if 1,2,3,4 or indeed any of the answers are true.  This they have to research for themselves.  Working in groups of 3 or 4 pupils have responsibility for TWO aspects, finding the definitive answers for their aspect which they have to feed back.  At the end of the lesson pupils have to create a human continuum, ranging from ‘benefited most’ to ‘suffered most’.  5 pupils are given a simple role card and have to stand in the most appropriate place on the continuum.  The rest of class have to say left or right to make adjustments.

Coverage of issues of prices and wages and the laws of supply and demand makes a significant contribution to pupils’ economic understanding.  Discussion of attitudes to God after the Black Death also help deepen pupils understanding of religious issues.

Learning objectives

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