This simple task starts with pupils exploring and then prioritising a range of accessible ideas in order to arrive at their own explanation. Having done that, they then critique a short six-minute film. How well does it answer our key question? How could it be improved? As a written outcome, students write to the film producer saying what they liked about the film’s explanation and how they think it might have been better.


Use slides 2-5 to introduce the topic. Then ask pupils to work in pairs to think of as many POSSIBLE reasons for the dramatic church building programme throughout the Middle Ages. Why did they build so many when they cost so much and were obviously built to last as we have so many thousands still standing today.

Step 1

Now let pupils explore some more ideas for themselves. PowerPoint slides 6-16 to need to be printed off, one set per group of 4, to provide the basis for discussion. By placing the emphasis on the pupils working things out for themselves, it frees you to intervene, supporting, questioning, clarifying and challenging. The ideas are meant to be fairly accessible though reason 10 is deliberately there to

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