This enquiry falls into five parts:

A selection of four related enquiry tasks which encourage pupils to explore and then evaluate evidence about the life of a climbing boy. The evaluative task is particularly suitable for the gifted and talented working at level 5 in Year 5 and 6.


Pupils already know a little about climbing boys but have not yet studied any evidence.  Using the ‘slow reveal’ technique, pupils have to predict what is happening in a stimulus picture (slide 2 of PowerPoint presentation) showing a climbing boy being sold.  Ask pupils to speculate from the small part of the picture they can see that is not covered up by coloured boxes.  They should spot that a lady is being paid money in her house, by a man with a very dirty hand!!  Click on the green shape first then the blue then the orange, each time asking for further deductions.  Then show slide 3.  By way of extension for more able Y5/6 pupils ask them to think about the message and the possible audience for this print. This will help pupils with their Level 5 thinking.

Task 1

What was life like as a climbing boy?


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