This enquiry revolves around a central contemporary cartoon which encapsulates life on the Home Front and how it was geared towards dealing with the Nazi threat of invasion. Pupils have to identify and then annotate each of the iconic images shown within it, having carried out research into one aspect.


Set the scene using the text on slide 2.  When the Second World War started there were dire predictions of enormous casualties.  In the end, only half as many died on the Home Front in the entire war as were predicted for just one year. How can we explain this?  There were lots of reasons, many of which involved the work of various groups of people.  So who were they, and what did they do?

Step 1

Project the image from slide 3 which is a contemporary cartoon illustrating the characteristic features of Life on the Home Front.  It is packed with detail but unfortunately the caption that went with the image has been lost over time.  But can the children help to explain what is going on?  By the end of the session they will have created their own annotated version with a two sentence description of how

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