Toys is an obvious topic to select for infants. Not only is it appealing , at least initially, it is also one where you can find a good range of artefacts. Investigating these objects helps not only in Art and Science but also in Design and Technology. The important point to remember is that it is a better vehicle for looking at ‘old and new’ and ‘then and now’ than it is for looking at change through time. As such I would always teach it in Year 1 not Year 2. I would also not teach it for too long. Because it is a good cross-curricular topic involving most subjects there is a tendency to make it a term long when perhaps it need not be. I would suggest that you can cover the main history points in about 5 hours. Spending longer runs the danger of boring some children and taking time from other possible topics where there is more action and more scope to develop a wider range of historical skills.

The lesson ideas here try to provide you with some of the best material that has been developed nationally, often by museums and Local Authority projects. I

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