Why did the astronauts risk their lives going to the moon? KQ2

This session for KS1 children comprises three distinct activities.

Activity 1

This activity is a simple story telling one using Mark Haddon’s book, The Sea of Tranquillity. The story is great; the author narrates his recollection (as a kid) of Apollo 11. The picture on the cover depicts the author (as a child) in a dream, walking on the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Children really like the picture of the “little kid” astronaut walking with the “grown-up” astronauts.

Tell the story, with the beautiful illustrations, using slide 2 to help.

You might like to add a short video of just 70 seconds to help give a flavour of Armstrong’s career.

The original lesson used this clip http://mrnussbaum.com/pioneers/neil_armstrong/ Please note that it might take some time to load and some users have found that they couldn’t open it so you may have to source an alternative.

Activity 2

The next activity then asks pupils to think of reasons why people might have gone to the moon. This will be speculative but it will be interesting to know what ideas pupils can come up with. To consolidate their understanding, now move to a good thinking skills activity called

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