This session revolves around a PowerPoint presentation which poses 6 significant questions, each designed to encourage pupils to think and to share their knowledge and understanding of this annual event.

Question 1 – Who and what do we remember on Poppy Day?

Show PowerPoint slide 2 which shows poppies growing along barbed wire against a backdrop of warfare. Can the pupils use the clues in the image to think who it is we are remembering on Poppy Day. This could encourage some pupils to think of stories about relatives from a wide variety of countries who might have fought in wars during the last 100 years. Slide 3 explains the link between poppies and the trench warfare which characterizes World War One for many people. Slides 5 and 6 remind pupils that it is not just the fallen from 100 years ago who are remembered but all servicemen who died in subsequent conflicts

Question 2 – How do we remember the dead today?

Slide 7 shows an image from this year’s commemoration, showing something missing from a man’s jacket lapel. Move from a simple question asking what it is that someone would normally wear? To a demanding one, Why do

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