This advice with associated downloadable resource below is for KS1 teachers planning a cross-curricular topic and focuses on how to integrate history, geography, literacy and ICT.

Start the topic with a brief discussion with the children about where they are going on their summer holidays this year or where have they been in the past/favourite holiday.  How did they get there?  What different clothes did they wear?  What did they do that they don’t normally do?  Explain that we will be looking at seaside holidays in the past, going back 100 years. You may well want to start this topic with 4 largely geography-based questions about the seaside today, such as:

  • KQ1.What do we mean by the seaside?
  • KQ2. Why did some places become seaside resorts?
  • KQ3.Which seaside areas do people visit today and why?
  • KQ4. What is a seaside resort like today?

You then pick up on the history which deals with the following concepts:

  • Characteristic features of Victorian seaside holidays
  • Enquiry. How do we know about something that happened beyond living memory?
  • Cause. Why did people start going to the seaside at this time?
  • Change. How holidays changed over time within the last 100 years.

You will then

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