Based on 3 key episodes from Rosa’s life, drawn from a lively story book, pupils act out 3 key episodes and have to select adjectives that best describe the aspects of Rosa’s character that each episode reveals.



Learning objectives

– Children are able to offer suitably accurate adjectives and reject those that don’t fit
– They can support their view by citing an incident from her life story

Activity 1 – Select the adjectives

Pupils are read a story of Rosa’s early life using the book entitled I am Rosa Parks written by Brad Meltzer in the Ordinary People who changed the world series or Rosa parks in the Little People Big Dreams series by Lisbeth Kaiser – just the period leading up to the incident on the bus that made her famous. This will also provide some context for KQ3. Images are shown on the KQ2 PowerPoint to help focus pupils’ attention

  • Episode 1 – Her being pushed over by a white boy and fighting back
  • Episode 2 – her being told by her grandmother how her black ancestors has been treated on the slave plantations and continue to be discriminated against
  • Episode 3 – Indignity of
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