Was Amy really successful for the rest of her life? A Living graph Smart Task KQ5

The focus here is on the ups and downs of Amy’s life, in the ten years after her famous flight to Australia.

Step 1

Give pupils an envelope containing a set of eleven dated events on strips of paper (provided as RS1-sequencing strips). For some lower attaining pupils this may be too many, in which case omit the ones marked with a star. With the strips in front of them, ask pupils to simply put them in date order, starting with the earliest on the left. Now go through the events to check that they have the order correct. Show slide 2 which has the correct order so some pupils could self-check.

Step 2

The real thinking starts now. Introduce pupils to the Living graph template (RS2, which you should have enlarged to A3). Give out one between 3. Now ask the children to turn the sequenced events strips to they face upward (i.e. left through 90 degrees) keeping the dates on the same level along the horizontal axis (see slide 3 to show what it looks like. This visualisation will

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