Change / Significance

Starting with 3 short video presentations, pupils go on to research the key changes from each of the reigns, focusing on those they think are most significant.

Learning objective

  • Pupils are able to identify 2 iconic events or changes that took place in each of the reigns

Suggested approach

Step 1

Children watch three short videos Focussing on second half of each-which they’ve already seen)  and have to recall at least 2 seminal events/changes for which EACH period is best remembered.


Step 2

In groups of 6 they then carry out research with one pair from each group looking at the changes in one of the reigns  and the other two pairs covering the other two reigns. They use websites and library books ( School to provide) to skim and scan to find out about 2 or 3 key events in that reign in preparation for next activity in KQ5

Step 3

A pair from each of the groups then has to report back to the rest of the class on ONE of the three reigns, by way of developing speaking

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