Learning objectives

  • Pupils can recall a few examples of discrimination that Rosa would have experienced recalling detail from the story
  • Orally, from discussion, they can prioritise the forms of discrimination and segregation that would have had most impact on Rosa, showing empathy in their reasoning e.g. this would have been worse than that because…

Activity 1: In Rosa’s shoes

Reminding pupils of what they have just heard about in the story, pupils are given further examples of the way black people were badly treated using the slides on the PowerPoint.

The activity is for pupils to work in groups to prioritise the forms of discrimination itemised in RS1 in terms of likely impact on Rosa. Which do they think would have caused Rosa most offence? Try to keep it personal to her.

To create the right sort of atmosphere for the discussion it is helpful for pupils to be given an image (printed from PowerPoint in resources below, each in an envelope which they are asked to open silently and look at carefully, again without saying anything to anyone for 20 seconds.)

Then ask them to share their image with all the others in the group. Can they work out

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