This topic provides an exciting addition to the usual famous events taught at KS1. Not only is there a clear, compelling narrative that pupils can relate to, it also offers opportunities to develop worthwhile historical concepts such as diversity, causation, consequences, interpretations and source analysis. Our approach here is a problem-solving one. Children are not given someone else’s pre-digested thinking for them merely to passively absorb.

Instead, they are encouraged to make their own meaning, which we find they can do because the topic is so accessible, motivating and well-resourced. You will find that they are often cast in the role of experts because the content allows them to build their confidence. So, at times they are historical advisers to a film director, at others they are giving reasons at an enquiry or advising US and UK governments about future safety measures. Overall this is a really good topic which children really enjoy and get a lot from. It also generates a lot of discussion at home as it is one of those events that attracts a lot of popular interest and captures the public’s imagination.

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