This lesson gives full rein to children’s creative flair, disciplined by evidence.  The City of London is offering a prize for the best design for a rebuilt London after the Great Fire.   If the children know the causes well, and they should do after using the outstanding lesson on that topic, then they should be able to apply their knowledge and imagination to designing a new city that would never burn down in that way again.   Which group will win the prize?

Learning objectives

  • children consolidate their understanding of the causes of the Great Fire by attempting to re-design London to make sure a fire of that size never takes hold again
  • they understand the importance of using brick, wider streets, leaving space etc
  • they are encouraged to be creative in their design of London.

Step 1

Introduce the challenge for today  – to rebuild London after the Fire. There is going to be a competition with a prize for the best design.  So I can’t tell you what to draw, but we can be sure what NOT to include.

Show slide 2 of the PowerPoint presentation ‘How shall we rebuild London after the Great Fire?’  which shows what

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