Learning objectives

    • Children are able to consider the most appropriate ways of celebrating Rosa’s achievements
    • They can pick out the most significant change she brought about and summarise that on a plaque using a limited number of words.

Activity 1

Pupils are invited to think of three ways in which Rosa might be remembered by children growing up today so that her contribution to the lives of black people, especially in the USA, is never forgotten.

Activity 2

Having discussed some pupils’ suggestions, invite all pupils to consider 7 possible ideas and discuss which 3 they prefer. These are included as slides 2-8. Talk through them then print out a page per group using small 9 per page images, cut up beforehand, which pupils can then physically put into rank order, allowing them to adjust their thinking without needing elaborate time-consuming recording. Field their ideas.

Activity 3

Now focus on a written outcome. Pupils have to summarise Rosa’s achievements in just a sentence short enough to fit on a plinth at bottom of a statue – see RS2

Some children won’t be able to articulate their ideas immediately so they might appreciate a preparatory activity, shown as RS1.

If they

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