Why should Mary Anning be remembered? Have your say. SMART TASK

In Lyme Regis they are going to improve their Museum dedicated to Mary Anning. It will cost a lot of money and the Council are not sure she deserves all this money being spent on her. You have been asked by the locals to write a letter explaining just why she was SO important. Pupils initially brainstorm and then snowball ideas which they put on sticky notes. New ideas are then offered to the pupils who then accept or reject them, where appropriate adding them to their sticky notes. When they have decided on their most important arguments they use the prioritised sticky notes they have create as a guiding writing frame.

Step 1

In your groups of 4 write down as many ideas as you can think of. Write each separate idea on a separate sticky-note. When you have come up with all you can think of, send one person in the group to visit two other tables and come back with any extra ideas they have found. One person stays to answer the questions from other groups who are visiting. When all groups have visited all tables, ask them to add new ideas onto the sticky notes.


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