Moon Landing – KQ3 – How were they able to get to the moon and back safely?


  • Pupils show knowledge and understanding of the main stages in the outward and return voyages.
  • They can apply this knowledge along with logical thinking to work out the sequence where they are uncertain.
  • They can use subject-specific vocabulary to add detail and authenticity to their spoken commentary of the narrative.
  • Activity 1: Sequencing images

    Provided on the PowerPoint for KQ3 are 8 numbered images, each representing a stage in the outward and return legs of the Apollo 11 mission. Rather than ask pupils to sequence all 8 at once, I suggest that you divide the class into 2 halves. Assuming a class of 32, group A would be subdivided into 4 A groups: same for B. If you wanted to differentiate here, I have made Group As easier and Group B’s harder.

    Give each group A pupil 4 pictures. I suggest easier pictures. (The degree of difficulty is shown below).

    Give group Bs a different harder 4. Ask them to sequence the ones they have been given and then work out which pictures they think are missing from the story of the voyage to the moon and the return journey.

    Then, each group A pupil has to find a

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