Pupils watch a short film to establish the outlines of the story and then have to sequence a differentiated set of images of the key events of her life. They finish by discussing which events were the most significant in Mary’s life and identifying turning points.


Learning objectives

  • Pupils can sequence key events in Mary’s life
  • They can explain why some periods of Mary’s life were more important and significant than others
  • Some can identify key turning points in her life

Step 1

A quick and easy way into the narrative is the BBC 4-minute video. Watch the video here

Step 2

The first viewing will need consolidating so use PowerPoint slide 2 to reiterate the main features of the narrative, resisting the temptation to keep adding more facts at this stage. These will be overlayered in the next few activities.

Step 3

Now comes the crucial stage. Can the children sequence the main event for themselves? Copy slides 2-17, 2 per page to save money. and place them in an envelope. Here’ s a really good opportunity to differentiate by restricting the number of slides that some pupils receive, so as not to overwhelm them. More can be

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