Going to the seaside – KQ3 – How do we know what holidays were like 100 years ago?

Designing an authentic Edwardian Seaside Poster

This KS1 history lesson uses the Mantle of the Expert approach to place pupils in role as historical advisers to a film producer.  Their job is to create an historically accurate poster which will trail the new film set on an Edwardian seaside beach. To gather the required information pupils work in groups using a gallery of images to help them cross-reference and draw conclusions of their own.  The final product, the poster, enables the pupils to show their creativity.  Good cross-curricular links with Art.

Learning objectives

  • Children will be able to compare pictures of seaside holidays in the past and be able to identify what they have in common
  • They can articulate these features confidently and refer to the source that gave them the information
  • They can then apply their knowledge creatively to design a poster of their own.

Engaging starter

In front of the children’s interested eyes you open a letter (which you have faked!) from a film producer who wants to set his next film at the seaside, NOT the seaside of today…..but one in the past, 100 years ago. The trouble is he doesn’t know what seasides looked like then. 

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