The Gunpowder Plot: Prove it using a gallery of images

This skilfully differentiated lesson places pupils in the role of detectives that have to find evidence to back up statements that have been made about the Gunpowder plot.  They are given responsibility for a range of statements carefully matched to their learning needs.  They work in pairs to find evidence that backs up statements they have been given.  They do this using the gallery approach, whereby 19 key images are placed around the room.  Pupils with clipboards set off the hunt down the images that match the statements.  Some children will need this to be modelled first: others might be ready to tackle the challenge straightaway.  As this lesson involves considerable moving around for quite some time, it is best if you move to a room where there is plenty of space for you to display 20 images around the room and for groups of pupils to ‘visit’ them without too much congestion!

Learning objectives

  • Children look carefully at a range of images to work out which image supports which statement;
  • some children are able to see that statements can be backed up by more than one image;
  • the most able can work out which images provides the best evidence
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