APP in history: where are we now? Life after levels

This section is no longer current, of course, so please don’t base any of your action planning around its contents. It has been retained as it shows you how far the debate has moved on. Indeed this was the best period for discussion of assessment issues so some of the thinking will be helpful.

After much promising spadework in the foundation subjects, APP has been abandoned  and will not be implemented. I have , however, retained by original article on the subject as, in lieu of levels, schools are being asked to find their own way across this minefield. We are promised some high quality exemplar material, but I have heard that before and am sceptical. So , for what its worth here is the discourse from a few years ago. You will find more practical support in the section called tasks where I suggest that you set up a series of short diagnostic tasks with markschemes which you can talk through with the pupils when they have attempted their answers.

Q1. What is APP? An old idea with a new name?

A1. It is badged as the new national

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