Why Timebox teams?

First and foremost, Timebox Teams should be fun. Behind the serious intent of improving pupils’ chronological knowledge lies the belief that constant repetition and familiarity with images of the past is best achieved by making it enjoyable and something that pupils look forward to doing. In this way pupils see chronological knowledge as important and worth acquiring. To do this we stress the importance of co-operation by placing pupils in teams. There’s nothing more guaranteed to strike fear into our hearts than someone expecting us instantly to know the date of a key event. But within the security of a team we become more relaxed and find that we share knowledge and learn from each other. This belief underpins TimeBox teams.

Preparing to use Timebox

It is essential that Timebox is carefully resourced before you start. Whilst you can download all the images and labels that we provide from the website, you will need to create your own base timeline onto which the images and labels are attached during each session using velcro.

Step 1

The base timeline needs to be large, about 2 metres long by 80 cms high . This allows large images to sit

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