In this session on Amy Johnson (KQ1 on the planner) children learn to:
predict from small clues
link together disparate pieces of evidence
and draw conclusions based on the clues they are given.

With the help of the slow reveal of the clues in carefully arranged order, pupils build their knowledge of Amy Johnson’s significance and write their own brief caption to accompany a new set of stamps commemorating her achievement.


Pupils are shown slide 2 from the PowerPoint presentation which offers only a hint as to the reason for Amy Johnson’s fame. Many children will guess wildly. This is fine. Use slide 3 which gives four possible options to see if that helps. What matters is that they build on their growing knowledge as more clues are revealed. Now move to slide 4 which reveals a more illuminating image of her in three stages. After each stage of the reveal ask pupils to have another informed guess. After slide 4 they might well say that she was an old-fashioned pilot. Slide 5 confirms this, as does slide 6 the front cover of a new children’s book about her. So they know she is a pilot of some sort.

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