How have seaside holidays changed over time? KS1 task KQ5a

Can you help Grandma sort these seaside holiday photos?

This smart task which forms the first half of this KQ5 enquiry takes a broader look at change in seaside holidays over the past 150 or so years which is then followed by a more detailed look at seaside holidays 60 years ago.

Start this session with the Mantle of the Expert approach. One of the children in the school’s Grandma brought a large photo album into school to help with the Seaside topic. Unfortunately, she dropped the album and all the photos is contained have become muddled up. She has sorted a lot of them but there are still nine that she hasn’t had time to sort. Can the children help her?

Simply print off slides 3-11 either as full pages and posted around the room as if a gallery, or 3 per page, cut up into individual pictures and given to groups. The pupils’ task is simple. They have to sort the images into three categories: nowadays; 50-60 years ago-‘when your granny was a girl’; and over 100 years ago.  As they sort and set the images, it is helpful if you could spend your time prompting the children

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