Every few years, the Primary wing of the Historical Association carry out a survey of primary schools to see what the current picture of history teaching and provision looks like. Below is a summary of their key findings, more likely just to give you an overview than to radically adjust your practice.

Finding 1

Despite the rise in academisation, the majority of schools closely or completely follow the 2014 National Curriculum. This is why in the site we continue to make these topics our priority, though we do cover other topics too.

Finding 2

History subject leaders tend to stay in post for relatively short periods of time, and many are responsible for leading more than one subject or have other whole-school roles. This is why we focus so much on what the main priorities for subject leaders of history should be and how to make most impact in the short time many of you have in this post.

Finding 3

Building a coherent history curriculum is seen as increasingly important, including developing a chronological narrative and providing links and threads through substantive and disciplinary concepts and key stages. This is why we have launched our idea of Timebox which

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