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New evidence of Anglo-Saxon mutilations as punishment

Ninth-century England was a bad place to be a criminal, new findings suggest. The skull of an Anglo-Saxon teenager discovered in Hampshire shows that she had her nose and upper lip cut off and may have been scalped too.Written evidence of the 10th and 11th centuries...
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Spectacular Bronze Age finds

Among the items found this week in Peebles in Scotland were a complete horse harness, preserved by the soil, and a sword that have been dated as being from 1000 to 900 BC. They also found decorated straps, buckles, rings, ornaments and chariot wheel axle...
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Is this another find to help us understand Stonehenge?

Yesterday's more interesting news centred on a newly-published report on the finds at Durrington Wells on Salisbury Plain. As the place where the builders of Stonehenge lived and feasted, Durrington Walls is key to unlocking the story of the wider Stonehenge landscape, and this astonishing...
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Latest research on Stonehenge- a must for KS2 teachers

The results of one of the largest DNA studies yet conducted show that soon after Stonehenge was built, Britain was 'invaded' by new arrivals from the Continent. Until about 4,500 years ago, Britain was inhabited by neolithic farmers who had spread from Spain and Brittany. They...
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