How close to World War Three has the world come since 1945. A Year 9 enquiry.

Just as the United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary, so the world peace it was set up to maintain is yet again under threat. The United States and China are at loggerheads over a number of issues and this is just one of many hotspots of tension. It is important that our Key Stage 3 and GCSE history students are aware of other occasions since 1945 when the threat of further international conflict seemed particularly worrying.

Coming soon to the website is a lesson asking pupils to consider the question : How close to a third world war has the world come since 1945? Ranging over crises in Berlin, Cuba and Vietnam, before looking closely at more recent events in Russia, Iran, N. Korea and China, this important enquiry is very popular with students inY9 who are keen to ask how history can help us to answer this vexed question.

Screenshot of BBC webpage 22/09/2020

Trump and Xi Jinping

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