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All parts of this site have been written and quality assured by Neil Thompson, who has vast experience of history teaching from years in the classroom, leading a department, and being part of SLT. For even longer he was an OFSTED history inspector, the county history adviser to Hampshire primary and secondary schools and  consultant and author for the BBC, DFE, exam boards, publishers, and QCA. Neil continues to support teachers by running national courses and works with teachers in schools. He also runs school-based INSET and acts as ‘virtual adviser’ offering crucial support to new subject leaders.

What do we remember on Poppy Day / Remembrance Day?

This session revolves around a PowerPoint presentation which poses 6 significant questions, each designed to encourage pupils to think and to share their knowledge and understanding of this annual event.

Question 1

Who and what do we remember on Poppy Day? Show PowerPoint slide 2 which shows poppies...
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Primary History: Teaching Victorian Britain Key Stage 2

Astonishingly, at a stroke, Gove removed the Victorians from the KS2 history curriculum where it had reigned supreme for decades. At least he thinks he has. Most primary teachers will not give up this topic without a struggle so will either use their locality as...
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Smart Task: Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 assessment in history

It is really hard to find quality examples of assessment tasks at Key Stage 1 that actually work in the classroom with children of all abilities, especially the youngest children.  New to the site is one such task...

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Victorian Cities

If life was so hard for families in the towns why did so many leave the countryside and move to the towns in Victorian times? - a history mystery

Starting a lesson with an apparent contradiction is a good way of engaging pupils interest....

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Extending the BBC website on Eric the evacuee KQ2

The BBC children’s history section has been in touch with the school asking for their help in extending their website section on Eric the evacuee.  There is nothing wrong with it: indeed, it is very popular.  That’s why they want to make it longer. There...
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Assessment of interpretations of Boudicca

Below is an account of an assessment task on Boudicca , with downloadable resources,  just one of many assessed tasks on the site.  You will find at least one for each history-led topic covering the full range of skills and concepts.  They tell you...

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Grace Darling

Grace Darling: setting up the enquiry This is the first lesson on an enquiry into Grace Darling: what she did, and why she was famous. The kernel of the lesson is a slow reveal activity which works really well on an Interactive White Board. The key...
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