Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee – KQ2 – How do we know when and how Princess Elizabeth became Queen?

This unit of work has been designed to be used as a one-off study to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. It covers her life from her role as Princess Elizabeth through her coronation, and other jubilee events, to her influence today. As Britain’s longest serving monarch her reign covers a 70-year period of massive change. The youngest children will focus mainly on a comparison between 1952 and 2022 to strengthen their grasp of similarity and difference. Older children will extend their chronological understanding to look at jubilees as far back as late Queen Victoria’s reign so they gain a better understanding of change through time.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils can match labels to images of key events in Elizabeth’s early life before she became queen.
  • Pupils can identify clues which match statements about the coronation e.g. the date of the coronation on a newspaper of the time and are aware of other types of evidence historians use to study the queen’s coronation.

Tell the story

Tell the story of Elizabeth’s early life using Our Queen Elizabeth pages 3 to 4(requires purchase) as the basis of your story-telling.
Reinforce the narrative by giving the children 7 images to match to

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