Having previously investigated the criticism of empire, students now set about defending it.  After studying a contemporary Indian view of Empire, which they critique in terms of usefulness, students explore a range of possible achievements of the empire, some using a structured sheet, others are given a freer rein.  The groups come together to predict the 6 top arguments Niall Ferguson uses to defend the empire and then discuss what he might have left out.  Students then prepare a 60 word defence of empire to combat the negative view given in Horrible histories.

Step 1

Re-visit the critical view of the empire using slides 2-4 and explain the enquiry.  Recently a controversial historian Niall Ferguson has staunchly defended aspects of the empire.  The students’ task is to see if they can work out what 6 arguments Ferguson might have chosen and then compare his view with theirs.

Step 2

The final line of Terry Deary’s Horrible History slide 6, says that no-one ever asked the Indians what they thought about the empire.  So that’s just what we’re going to do.  Introduce Resource sheet 1.  This is a summary of the views of an Indian written in 1871.  Later pupils are

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