SMART TASK Key Stage 4: How should we remember the Easter Rising?


This is the concluding lesson on the Easter Rising. If you want a good recap so that students hit the ground running this short Open University film fits the bill very well, lasting just 2 mins 30 seconds.

To help students get a feel for the issues, it is worth showing a short 5 minute clip from which ends with a brief examination of the consequences. This neatly opens the debate with the vivid description of the rebels being despised, jeered and spat on at the time but have become heroes since, in the minds of many Irish people at least.

Step 1

This task starts with PowerPoint slide 2 showing that the Easter Rising is still a powerful memory and an important landmark in Irish history today.

Then project slide 3 which shows a couple of contemporary murals commemorating the Easter Rising. What are the key features that the mural painter has included? Students work in pairs to generate 5 points:

Move from the obvious: date, GPO, image of Dublin Post Office, Gaelic

through to the Less obvious: Ringleaders, peace lily, Republican colours.

Now show Slide 4. Having established some of the iconography, can students apply their

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