This short but engaging task precedes any detailed analysis of the terms of the treaty itself. It has four distinct elements: prediction; analysis of a rarely seen German poster; attaching significance; and refining ideas based on most recent scholarship.

Step 1

Firstly, students have to work in threes to predict the sort of terms that MIGHT have been imposed on Germany knowing what they do about events from 1900-1918. They are asked to come up with 6 possible punishments. Simple clues are given to focus their thinking. This is not designed to take long as the learning is overlayed throughout the task. Most important is that they come up with SOME relevant ideas.

Step 2

Then quickly steer them towards the main resource which is the focus of the lesson which is a German poster entitled What we have lost. This has been carefully broken up into animated sections which you can reveal one by one asking for ideas as to what the images represent.

Step 3

Now reveal the full document with the translations. But what is missing?  Ask students to return to their original list of 6 punishments.  Slide 6 reinforces the key ideas that the poster

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