Benin was a very important civilization, not just within Africa but in world history too. An important part of what you’ll learn is a comparison with Benin offers a good opportunity to compare with British society at the time, when the Saxons, Vikings and Normans were ruling. Although the period you are asked to study is a thousand years ago, many of you will also be able to compare with the Tudors as the kingdom of Benin was not really established until the Oba Eweka I in the 1200s. Later Benin was involved in the slave trade.

This topic is great for showing you how an African society developed outside Europe without any contact. of this time. For too long people have underestimated how sophisticated Benin society and craftsmanship was. Most people knew mainly about the Benin bronzes, many of which were looted by the British during the late 19th century when Victoria ruled the empire. Today there is an important debate about whether these bronzes should be returned from museums across the world. You will learn about the arguments on both sides so you can join in the debate.

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