Lively introductory session which creatively gets pupils to find things out for themselves and check their understanding using bells and whistles! before consolidating using short video.

As this is a distant time and place with little by way of immediate iconic images for young Y3/4 pupils can connect to, the lesson is as active and visual (images and video)  as possible allowing pupils to feel they have found out a lot for themselves very quickly.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils are able to elicit information from a range of sources
  • They can work out which clues support which statements, grasping that there is no supporting evidence for some clues
  • Pupils can select 5 relevant and significant facts about the Shang dynasty with higher attaining pupils showing greater sense of what is key and distinctive
  • Higher attaining pupils are able to make simple deduction from less explicit clues

Step 1

It starts, not with a map or a timeline but with a problem to solve. A museum has produced 15 statements for an exhibition about the Shang dynasty. But which are correct and which are deliberate red herrings. Working in pairs, and then returning to larger group, pupils have to find not only

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