Could the Treaty of Versailles be justified at the time?

This lesson was taught by Claire Conley-Harper and her excellent team of history teachers at Court Moor School in Fleet, Hampshire.


This lesson is taught at KS4, as part of the OCR Modern World syllabus. It is possible to teach this lesson at the end of the unit of work on the Treaty of Versailles, as it addresses the key question of that unit. However, we choose to teach it as part of the unit on the breakdown of peace by 1939, as this enables students to draw upon and consolidate the knowledge and understanding they have gained of the period 1919-1939.

Learning objectives

  • students should be able to present a balanced argument, supported by examples.
  • students should be able to draw a conclusion and explain it.


What is the message of this source?  This is a classic source question for OCR. Use a ‘think, pair, share’ approach to encourage all students to think about the source, or an inference grid to help students think through the different parts of the source in order to identify the message.  Ensure they refer to the details of the source as they discuss the message.

Obviously this could be made more

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