I have often thought that we don’t always invest as much time in considering the final product of a unit’s work as we should. Rightly focussing on the key enquiry question, and differentiated objectives that show progression and making sure that the activities are not just fun but fit for purpose, is it any wonder that we often run out of steam when we come to thinking of a way of showing learning. Added to that are the disparaging comments made by some that too long is spent on making a nice topic book, a flamboyant label on the case, not much luggage. This is where  we think we can can help. We’ll take as an example a new unit of work we are developing called Going to school in Victorian times. It is aimed at Y2-4 pupils studying the past beyond living memory or Victorian times.

This is how our thinking developed. Was there one outcome that could encapsulate the way a historian would write history, albeit in a micro-study. All too often we see lots of activities in history that don’t necessarily lead anywhere. But if you establish early on what the outcome will be, pupils can see

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