Here the focus is on developing enquiry-led learning which is as much about asking valid historical questions as it is about finding answers . From trying to generate 12 killer questions about a significant object, pupils move onto a Call My Bluff activity in which they are given 4 possible uses of an object which they have to rank in order of plausibility

Learning objectives

  • Pupils develop the ability to pose good historical questions
  • Pupils are able to speculate as to possible uses of objects drawing on their contextual knowledge from session 2
  • Given a range of possible explanations pupils can plump for the most plausible and explain their thinking

Step 1

With slide 2 displayed, pupils are shown some of the key sources they will be using in their on-going study of the Shang dynasty. But we are not going to tell you much about them. You are going to discover what you can and then work out what they tell us. This is in keeping with the main principles of enquiry-based learning, outlined in RS2.

Step 2

Stress that really good archaeologists ask as well as answer questions. To this end pupils are shown a group of 4

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