This KS2 enquiry comprises three outstanding activities:

6a. Advising the film director to imaginatively reconstruct the scene using a variety of evidence
6b. Prove it!  Using a gallery of images to test the evidence
6c. Marketplace – an imaginative journey to the theatre showing different experience depending on position in society


Show slide 2 of the PowerPoint called Key Question 6 Introduction. Three images offer clues as to three of the most popular past times: cock fighting, bear baiting and football.  Can pupils work out what they are?

It will strike most pupils that these are rather brutal pursuits.The opening statement and images on slide 3 may surprise them even more, showing how Queen Elizabeth herself loved bull baiting and hunting and hawking.

It is important that pupils realise that there were other non-violent pursuits too – as outlined on slide 5.

Also stress the difference in experience between the rich (indulged in hawking and jousting) and the poor who played football and went to watch rather than be involved in many of these other activities.

Now explain, using slide 6, that we are going to concentrate on one form of entertainment, namely the new kid on the block

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