Black and British – KQ2 – What part did Black people play in British life when they started to settle 500 years ago?

Focusing on four key documents, pupils have to work out what we can say about the role of Black people in Tudor society. They make inferences from visual evidence and learn the importance of seeing documents in context so they don’t jump to conclusions, a really important skill for upper juniors to learn.


Learning objectives

  • Pupils realise that there had been no Black people in Britain since Roman times and that there were only a few hundred Black Britons living in Tudor times;
  • they investigate a range of sources to draw inferences, especially about the status of the featured individuals;
  • they learn to read documents in context, making sure they do not jump to conclusions, and working out what can be said with certainty and what cannot.

Learning sequence

NB This is a relatively short session, based on just one extended activity

Step 1

Pupils study the image on slide 2. Explain the context using the background notes supplied.  By clicking on the slide an enlarged image of John Blanke will emerge. Give pupils details of his life, by showing them the short video image on slide 3 and notes on slide 4 and ask them what conclusions can

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