This is certainly one of the key areas to be focusing on in the next few years and lies at the heart of the government’s Every Child Matters agenda.

But a few points are worth making quickly before you go there.

1. It is NOT individualised learning,

2. Nor is it pupils left to their own devices,

3. It is NOT new.

It means shaping teaching around the way different pupils learn. Learning paths need to take account of pupils’ needs, interests and aspirations.

There are 5 main strands to the personalised learning agenda

1. Assessment for learning

The key areas here are :

Clear feedback for, and from the pupils,

Clarity on what they need to improve and how best they can do what is required,

Clear link between learning and lesson planning.

2. Effective teaching and learning strategies

Active engagement and STRETCH,
Wide range of whole class, group and individual teaching, learning and ICT strategies.

When asked, Key Stage 2 pupils tell us they want :

  • to learn in active ways
  • to be involved rather than listen for too long
  • lessons involving discussion, debate and practical activities
  • paired or group work
  • activities where they feel challenged
  • work that
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