ICT in the history curriculum at Key Stage 2

When planning to use ICT in the history curriculum it is of paramount importance that the history is enhanced by the ICT, rather than using computers as just another tool.  There are a range of generic ways in which this can be achieved, which are listed below, contextualised with examples from each of the study units.  This list will grow considerably over the next year.

Application 1: Exploiting wordprocessing to its maximum

The highlighting or copy and paste facility are very useful in history. Take for example some different explanations for the invasion of Claudius when studying Roman Britain. These could be given to groups to read and highlight the different causes mentioned. So far so good. But this could be achieved with a highlighter pen. Where ICT comes into its own is when pupils copy specific parts of the text, e.g. different causes, which they highlighted in the same colour from a number of sources, to bring all ideas together. From this advanced position, pupils can now start to write a paragraph, confident that they have the key ideas at their finger tips. This way they are less likely to simply lift from one source.

Application 2: Making the

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