Using the expert/envoy technique to research and disseminate information from dossiers on a range of different aspects of Shang society, pupils have to show how good a teacher they are in terms of making the knowledge they are passing on stick with their classmates.

Learning objectives

  • Pupils build their knowledge of a range of aspects of Shang society: social structure, power of the ruler, nature of cities and building materials and ways of making a living, food and transport etc
  • They know that society was well organised with its calendar, form of writing, taxes etc.
  • Pupils develop best ways of communicating knowledge to increase chances of what is being taught is being learnt.

Envoy/Expert strategy

Step 1

Pupils are attached to different expert groups each with a dossier to read and build their knowledge on 1 of 6 topics. RS1 provides some bare bones facts which you will want to supplement with your own school’s resources.

Step 2

One pupil from the group – the expert – stays resident and tells visiting pupils -envoys about their topic in the most memorable way they can while the other envoys visit each of the different groups to find out about the other

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