This activity is designed to promote creative thinking as well as to deepen pupils’ understanding of the objects that are unfamiliar to us but everyday items on the Home Front during World War Two.

It comes early in the topic, before pupils have seen the objects but after they have a little context so that they make the most of the learning opportunity. If you are using curator’s dilemma smart task then make sure you use this task BEFORE that one.

It works like this.

Step 1

Pupils in groups of 4 are given a single mystery object, so you probably need 6 or 7. They each have to come up with a creative yet plausible explanation for what the object is, bearing in mind that they have to bluff the opposing groups. Their explanation must sound as if it comes from World War Two and must make others think it is true. The true answer must be given accurately but it mustn’t be too obviously the right answer.

Good examples are provided on slides 2-8 on the PowerPoint presentation.

The items provided are shown below, along with ideas to prompt children with:

Incendiary shovel For removing red hot incendiary

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